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Find Out What Our Parents Think of Us


“Snapdragon provides the perfect blend of warmth, love, personalized attention, and space for growth and development. It has been the best choice for our family.”


–Bobby S.

“We love Snapdragon! It's been fantastic for our kids. It's such a calm, caring, and gentle environment, with exceptionally experienced teachers and a positive atmosphere. There's nothing better than knowing your child is in a safe, trustworthy, and engaging place during the day. And there's not much higher praise than having your toddler celebrate going to school each morning!”


Katie S.


“Snapdragon provides a nurturing and loving space for toddlers to thrive.  In the time that we have been there, our child has grown immensely.  The teachers are also a supportive and valuable resource for parents during this important stage.  When our child utilized Early Intervention services, Snapdragon was so welcoming to the providers who came to the school and open to suggestions to incorporate skills in their daily activities.  We could not be more thankful to be part of this wonderful community.  The smile on our child’s face each morning as they eagerly approach the school reinforces that we made the right decision in choosing Snapdragon.”


–Joanne S.

“Each of our two children spent two years at this magical school. The four teachers are true Montessori believers. They are endlessly patient and kind and prioritize independence and child-led play-based learning. The space is light and airy and organized so that the children can choose their own activities. You won’t find a better place for your 1-3 year old in Cambridge.  Not once in the four years that our children were at Snapdragon did I wonder if they were happy or well-cared for. It’s a true gem of a school in the heart of Cambridge.”


–Edwina C.

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“I am so glad we learned about Snapdragon from a friend who had sent their child there. It was our first introduction to Montessori and it completely changed our perspective on parenting and childcare. If you’re considering Montessori, Snapdragon is the perfect place to start. The people are filled with love and understanding and not only for the children but also the adults. During the first year of the pandemic Linda called regularly to check in when school was closed showing a genuine concern for the wellbeing of our entire family. And once our child aged out there were several schools in the wildflower network to choose from. I recommend Snapdragon to anyone I know looking for childcare for their toddler.”


–Gabrielle A.

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“When my daughter was at Snapdragon I felt like she was somewhere where she was seen and loved. The teachers were always warm and welcoming and always shared information easily with the parents. My daughter always walked in happily and seemed calm and content at pick up time. We miss the intimate and warm environment that Snapdragon provides so much!”


–Marion G


“100% the best experience for our little one and for ourselves. A wonderful combination of outstanding educators who are kind, thoughtful, and patient (both with kiddos and parents). Our son thrived there from 15 mo - 36 mo, we wish they went through primary ages :). Snapdragon gets our highest praise and recommendation.”


–Liz and Charle

“Our son attended Snapdragon from January 2021-June 2022 and thrived there. We credit the school with teaching him many skills, including using the toilet, eating with a knife and fork, doing puzzles, cutting safely with scissors. The teachers served as resources for many of our parenting questions. I have such warm feelings that I still stop by the school when in the neighborhood to say hello!”


–Julia R.


“We absolutely love our experience at Snapdragon Montessori for our children. The teachers are caring, loving, and very experienced. The classroom and teachers are always so welcoming and positive. The location is great - there are many parks where the kids can spend quality time outside. I highly recommend this magical place organized in a way that children can be independent and also engage in play-based learning.”


–Milena D.

“We were part of the Snapdragon Family for two years and pandemic and all there was lots of anxiety leading up to it. However, our experience with Linda and her team was amazing! Linda's personality radiates warmth, calm and kindness and this makes Snapdragon the most welcoming community for kids and parents alike. Our daughter loved the school from day one. She made lasting friendships and truly absorbed the Montessori values of grace and courtesy. Not only were teachers always extremely attentive and caring at school, but would also offer a helping hand to families outside of the classroom when needed. At every single drop-off, I was confident my daughter was in the very best hands, and at every pick-up she had the biggest smile on her face. My only regret is not knowing about Snapdragon a few years earlier when my older one was a toddler  :)

–Kathrin L.


“We sent our son to Snapdragon when he was just over a year old and kept him there happily until he finally aged out. Before then, we had him at Rock and Roll, which wasn't bad but was really more babysitting than anything else. Life at Snapdragon was completely different. Our son actually enjoyed going each day, and he benefited tremendously from Linda's nurturing care and Snapdragon's Montessori approach to playing, learning, and taking care of one another. The emphasis is on personal growth and community, not just passing time. Highly recommended.”


–Stephen G.

“There is not a more beautiful and magical place than Snapdragon. Linda is the kindest, most calming teacher and taught our son so many life skills including empathy (and potty training!). We are forever grateful for the support Snapdragon provided through the challenging toddler years.”


–Amy G.


“When looking for care for my first child I was so anxious and no space gave me the peace of mind until I found snapdragon. We enrolled and the experience was better than I imagined. Linda and Dan have a true gift for working with toddlers that is rare. We loved being part of this community and although we moved on, we remain in touch always saying hello as they are integrated into the community. This program and community is extremely special.”


–Anabell J.

“If what you are looking for is an environment with teachers who are caring, loving, and nurturing, then this is the place. Our son had a great joy in the school. The environment and the teachers made him comfortable to be himself and promoted his curiosity. The only downside is relatively early pickup time, but comparing what Snapdragon offers to children is worth the tradeoff.”


–Ryu S.


“Snapdragon is a special place for your young ones: four amazing teachers for 10 toddlers, Montessori philosophy, professional and all the coziness of a family run home daycare. Linda, Dan, Mangala, and Casper are great teachers and people! You will not find a better place for your toddler.”


–Robert D.

“Our child attended Snapdragon Montessori school a few years ago and truly enjoyed his time there! The teachers are knowledgeable and caring and help the children thrive.”


–Sneha & Philip 


“Our son went here in 2021 and absolutely loved it. Linda & Dan are a great team of super dedicated educators. Classroom always felt peaceful & welcoming. Nice playground nearby that the school uses. Highly recommend!”


–Jeroen B.

“A wonderful community of joyful (and musical) teachers, parents, and toddlers. Apply (early) for your child to have an opportunity to join the Snapdragon Montessori School community!”


–Stephen G.


“What a wonderful program! I'm glad that my two little ones were able to be here.”


–Alex R.

“When we started at Snapdragon our two year old toddler spoke German only. Nevertheless she felt at home with Linda and her team from the first second on. The atmosphere is so warm, encouraging and welcoming. The teachers are very experienced with international and multilingual groups and are dealing with it in a great way. Our daughter forgot most about our year in Cambridge since, but she still remembers Snapdragon!”


–Tanja P.


“Best little school ever, Linda is an angel!”


–Nicole R.

“We had our daughter there for 2 years and really loved it. It is a small loving group environment with very caring staff. They encourage independence and creativity but still maintain a warm atmosphere. They helped with potty training which was great! Highly recommend, highly trusted  the people there to take wonderful care of our kid”


–Cristin M.


“Snapdragon was fantastic for our daughter. Everyone is kind, caring and committed to the development and well-being of the children. They were a great help with potty training and fostered a nurturing environment where older children aided the younger ones. We highly recommend Snapdragon!”


–Joseph S.

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